10 Historical Facts About Jesus From Non-Christian Sources

If you have ever been involved in religious discussion on Facebook or Twitter, you have probably come across some version of the comment below: “I just think it’s interesting that the only book that even talks about Jesus is the Bible! I’m not even sure we can prove he actually […]

False Reasons people reject the Gospel and How to counter them – 1

There was a time when merely saying “Jesus loves you” to a sinner made universal sense. In this day and age of unrivaled political correctness, that statement leads to questions, accusations, verbal assaults and most commonly, excuses. Many Christians have unfortunately cowered into the shadows for fear of being railed against […]

In christianity, there are 3 gods….

This is one question most skeptics and Muslims ask. As a christian, the first thing is to carefully inspect the question. The question could come in one of these 3 forms: Christianity believes in 3 gods; god the father, god the son and god the holy Spirit. Hence, it is not […]

Where in the bible did Jesus claim to be God?

The best way to answer this question when asked by a muslim is to do a comparative analysis. Do not just go into giving them any verse from the bible as they will come up with more excuses. Instead, give them a verse that resonates with their quran. In that […]

“God” is not the name of God

One of the burdens of living in a post modern society is the constant arguments about what and who is right. Today, it is increasingly becoming taboo to claim that Christianity is the only way of salvation. Popular media, civilized societies and general social media bullies try to not only […]

The truth about TRUTH

How many times have you heard people say “what may be true for you may not be true for me”? We live in a society that is eagerly and readily accepting the ‘relativised’ version of truth. But is it really true that we can all have different truths? Can opposing […]