Is God really unjust in His choices? Romans 9:8-19

In the introductory article, I had explained what exactly the problem was. Now, we take a look at the first analogy Paul made to address the problem. To understand these texts, we have to put ourselves into their customs, their beliefs and what was going on in their hearts when […]

Is it right to Pray for your enemies to die?

In this day and age of fast food and instant gratification, many believers have become lazy in the place of prayer. We seem to favor pre-packaged prayer points to groaning from our hearts. Just go to a prayer meeting and see how prayers are made and offered. The prayer leader […]

Understanding the true meaning of Grace

What is grace? Have you been asked that question recently? Different people have given Grace many definitions. One of such definitions says that grace is ‘uncommon’ favour.  One has to ask if grace is ‘uncommon’ favour, what did Noah, who was chosen out of the entire people on earth experience? Was […]