Effectual & Fervent Prayers: Understanding how to pray correctly and effectively part 1

effectual fervent prayers

Everyone, absolutely everyone prays! Even the most hardened atheist offer occasional prayers. The importance of prayer cannot be overemphasized.  Someone, referring to the potency of prayer, once said “prayer is the slender nerve that moves omnipotence; it is firing the winning shot”. Even though we all pray, it is not every prayer […]

Where in the bible did Jesus claim to be God?

The best way to answer this question when asked by a muslim is to do a comparative analysis. Do not just go into giving them any verse from the bible as they will come up with more excuses. Instead, give them a verse that resonates with their quran. In that […]

All roads lead to Rome?

To be politically correct, one must accept the popular belief that all religions lead to the truth. Opposing this view is akin to shooting one’s foot. But is it really true that all religions lead to truth? While there is no doubt that all religions contain a certain amount of […]

“God” is not the name of God

One of the burdens of living in a post modern society is the constant arguments about what and who is right. Today, it is increasingly becoming taboo to claim that Christianity is the only way of salvation. Popular media, civilized societies and general social media bullies try to not only […]