False Reasons people reject the Gospel and How to counter them – 1

There was a time when merely saying “Jesus loves you” to a sinner made universal sense. In this day and age of unrivaled political correctness, that statement leads to questions, accusations, verbal assaults and most commonly, excuses. Many Christians have unfortunately cowered into the shadows for fear of being railed against […]

You have faith in your faith right?

I recently had a conversion with a Christian brother about the issue of faith, lets just say I was left bothered afterwards.He told the story of how he needed to apply for a loan which he did not qualify for. According to him, he prayed and fasted and applied a […]

Understanding the true meaning of Grace

What is grace? Have you been asked that question recently? Different people have given Grace many definitions. One of such definitions says that grace is ‘uncommon’ favour.  One has to ask if grace is ‘uncommon’ favour, what did Noah, who was chosen out of the entire people on earth experience? Was […]