Apologetics and Christian Theology

Ever wondered about the Origins of life, Evolution, the trustworthiness of the Bible, the truth about Jesus, etc? There are answers available.

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Biblical Literacy and Christian Education

If God has spoken, what has He said? How can we know what the Bible really teaches? Can everybody interpret the Bible however they want? There are answers available.

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Counterfeit religions and worldviews

Since there are so many religions, how can anyone claim to be the only true religion? Are there many ways to God? How can we know truth? There are answers.

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Hot topic and burning societal issues

On a daily basis, news and social media bombards us with news stories and trending topics. What should be the Christian's perspective to things like abortion, homosexuality, etc? There are answers.

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The truth about TRUTH

How many times have you heard people say "what may be true for you may not be true for me"? We live in a society that is eagerly and readily accepting the 'relativised' version of truth. But is it really true that we can all have different truths? Can opposing truth claims be equally true? Is absolute truth finally dead and buried?

How can you believe the Bible?

Critics are always finding ways to push Christians off the path. One of their tricks is to discredit the Bible as a divinely inspired book. When critics ask, "How can you believe the Bible when it is so riddled with errors and lies?", what do you say? Many Christians cling to faith, saying, "I believe by faith...." Not only is this an unreasonable answer, it is also not scriptural. If the Bible is the inspired word of God, then it should be free from errors. If there are real errors, then we have to at least investigate the claims of the Bible

We all worship the same God? Really?

One of the burdens of living a post modern society is the constant arguments about what and who is right. Today, it is increasingly becoming taboo to claim that Christianity is the only way of salvation. Popular media, civilised societies and general social media bullies try to not only convince us, but force us to accept the ridiculous claim that we all serve the same God. This concept is captured in the popular saying, "All roads lead to Rome". Alas, nothing can be further from the truth.

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