Continuing from our last discussion on the life of Solomon, we shall see some applicable peculiarities.

2.      Solomon was a child of great promises of God 1 Chronicle 22:6-10 and he enjoyed those promises. Let us look at some of these promises.

I.       Promise of peace.

II.      Rest from his enemies all round.

III.     The nation of Israel will enjoy peace and quietness in his days.

IV.     God adopted him as his son.

V.      His kingdom will be established forever.

We also have been given great and precious promises in Christ Jesus (2 Peter 1:2-4, Ephesians 1:3). God did not just save us from sins alone there are other benefits that accompany it. The salvation we have in Christ is a total package; there is nothing else we will need in this world or in the world to come that we cannot see in Christ. Christ is all in all, we are complete in Him. Even the Holy Spirit that we have came through Christ; He is the gift of God as the result of the grace in Christ Jesus. Christ and the Holy Spirit are the guarantee that there is nothing that will be too much for God to give since He has given us His ALL (Romans 8:32, Ephesians 1:14).

Everything that the patriarchs of old enjoyed in God is not the least that is in God, we have been given a better covenant with better promises. In Christ Jesus we are more privilege that them, we cannot afford to envy them. Christ promised rest to those who are heavy laden (Matthew 11:28). We have a measure of rest from our enemies because we are not fighting for victory but fighting from the victory that was already being made available in Christ. Our enemies are defected foes; Jesus finished it on the cross. There is no need to be afraid of witches and wizards. Our position is even an advantage because we are seated with Christ far above principalities and powers and the Bible says he that is above is above all (Ephesians 1:20-23, 2:6, John 3:31). Those who are afraid of what the devil can do don’t know their position in God.

As a result of the salvation in Christ we have been adopted to the family of God. We are God’s children and what a great privilege to be called children of the most High God. If we truly understand this, then the issue of what to eat, drink or wear should not be a thing of concern to us. It is the duty of the father to provide for his household, so if we are God’s children do we think the One who gave His all to save us from sin, He is not more than able to provide for our daily needs? If He can care for plant, animals how much more we that have been created in His own image. Let us settle this in our heart that there is nothing we need that is difficult for God to handle.

As a result of our union with Christ; we have the Kingdom. Our kingdom is not of this world neither is it sustained by this world. Our goal is to extend the Kingdom that we have in God to this world. We are people of great influence that is the power we possess in God. The good news about this Kingdom is, it is an everlasting Kingdom. We are going to reign with Christ forever hallelujah! Our reign is greater than that of Solomon, friends.


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