“And, behold, I send the promise of my Father upon you: BUT tarry ye in the city of Jerusalem, until ye be endued with power from on high.”Lk 24:49

Today, you go out to crusades, or after/during church services, there is an alter call and people come out to give their lives to Jesus Christ. That has been the norm, probably, 90% of christians today in the world came to the Lord through alter calls. Perhaps you were just enjoying the stringed instruments on that faithful day, maybe it was the sonorous voice of that brother or sister in the choir that got you up, perhaps, a video of hell and heaven prompted you to surrender to Jesus, perhaps a friend cajoled you to run to the alter. Whatever reason it was that caused you to take that bold step, congratulations you have joined the “race”.

Please, I beg you! don’t relax! dont jump up. Remember, you have only joined the race; until you reach the finish line, dont beat your chest in confidence! So, what should I then do during this early stage of salvation? Good question! Alot of lifeless christians around today did not ask that question. Sometimes you meet someone and during the course of a conversation, they tell you they have given their lives to Jesus 5,6 ,7..10, 20 years ago. You are so happy to meet this mentor, this great person of God. you dive further to ask how the race is going? how many lives have come to know Jesus through this christian and to your disappointment, the fellow has not done anything! the individual entered the race 5, 6, 7..years ago but remained on that point thinking that is all to it!. Perhaps you are a new convert that was handed a convert’s card few months ago or even a year ago and now you can’t feel that joy that you felt that first day you walked to the alter to give your life to God. Maybe the joy is gone because that brother, that sister that led you to Christ has gone the way of demas. It is all well and good. The bible is always your guide to Jesus. A step at a time, you will get there but first things first.

In Luke 24: 49 Jesus told the disciples who were new converts then to tarry(remain) in Jerusalem until power comes!. Jesus is telling you, like he told them, to work it out in jerusalem(a place of tutoring) until the Holy Spirit comes to direct you. This waiting period is when you spend time praying, studying the scripture and living out what you have studied. Keep doing this until the Holy Spirit comes with the power to do that which God has saved you for. Unfortunately, many christians today think that just by accepting Jesus(salvation) and speaking in tongues and going to church, they have arrived. They launch out to do their “assumed” will of God. They say “Well, I can sing, so I am called to be a singer, well, I can preach, so I am a preacher..”. They start out without tarrying in Jerusalem. Little wonder why their lives is a continuous circle of “rise and fall” Until you come up to that will and acceptable will of God, tarry you in Jerusalem until you are endued with POWER! Maybe, you have given your life to Jesus for some time now and yet you don’t feel this POWER or you know you don’t even have the POWER altogether. It is obvious, you never followed the instruction of Jesus Christ in Luke 24vs.49. It is never too late. You can begin to exercise your senses to discern what is that PERFECT WILL of God for your life.
God help us all. Amen


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