After reading the last article, you may be asking “If generational curses are not transferred to Christians, why then do some people face some challenges in life”? Let us take a look at what the Bible says


We must understand what we have and who we are in Christ. We have been Redeemed.

“Being justified freely by His grace through the redemption that is in Christ Jesus,” Romans 3:24

In the context of Romans 3:24; the word redemption means to deliver a captive by paying a price. Man is viewed as a slave sold under sin (Romans 7:14) and under the sentence of death (Ezekiel 18:4, Romans 6:23).

Redemption also means to lose or set free (Luke 24:21, Titus 2:14). To redeem means to buy back.

Can you see that we have been set free from sin and from its consequence? Come to think of it, if curses came as a result of sin, and Christ has delivered us from this sin, why do you still believe that you can suffer for what you have been delivered from? Our justification was not obtained free. Our Lord Jesus Christ obtained our justification by buying it with a price (1 Corinthians 7:23). This price was His blood; Acts 20:28 Ephesians 1:7, Colossians 1:14. That blood is still living and potent. That blood has broken every curse, whether you know it or not. Do not let us make His suffering of no effect.

“But Christ rescued us from the Law’s curse, when he became a curse in our place. This is because the Scriptures say that anyone who is nailed to a tree is under a curse. And because of what Jesus Christ has done, the blessing that was promised to Abraham was taken to the Gentiles. This happened so that by faith we would be given the promised Holy Spirit.” Galatians 3:13-14 (Contemporary English Version)

We are no more under the law but under grace. And as long as we don’t depend on obeying the law then we have been freed from curses (Galatians 3:10-11). Christ became a curse in our place. His death on the tree settled that for us. Now we are free, we have the advantage of having the blessing of God and not a curse. Now we have the blessing that was promised to Abraham, remember, part of that blessing is that he who curses us will be cursed.

“You were once dead because of your failures and your uncircumcised corrupt nature. But God made you alive with Christ when he forgave all our failures. He did this by erasing the charges that were brought against us by the written laws God had established. He took the charges away by nailing them to the cross. He stripped the rulers and authorities of their power and made a public spectacle of them as he celebrated his victory in Christ.” Colossians 2:13-15 (God’s Word)

All charges brought against us have been erased. The victory was won on the cross. We are complete in Christ; there is no need of any sacrifice for our sins again. Jesus said IT IS FINISHED, believe Him, He does not lie.

You don’t need to break any generational curse again neither do you need to fast to be set free. You don’t need any man to pray for you to be free from curses. Christ said ‘it is finished’. You don’t need any olive oil to be poured on you to be free. You don’t need to go to any mountain to be free from curses. There is no foundation that is working against you. The Bible says all those things that were written down that were against your progress, against the delay in life or marriage have been taken out of the way. Jesus nailed all that to the cross.


It is sad today that most Christians do not understand how powerful the gospel is. We believe that for something to be powerful it must go beyond mere words; there must be some gymnastic and some special activities apart from just the gospel. But the truth of the matter is that the gospel is the Power Of God (Roman 1:16).

The enemy is aware of the fact that though the gospel is simple, it is still powerful. What he is doing is to make us compromise the gospel or to remove the power in the cross by replacing it with something else. Once the power of the gospel has been removed, it cannot produce God’s desired result. It is sadder to note that the people the devil uses to do damage to the gospel of Christ are the preachers.

“Christ did not send me to baptize people but to preach the Good News. And he sent me to preach the Good News without using words of human wisdom so that the cross of Christ would not lose its power”. 1 Corinthians 1:17 (New Century Version)

Paul the Apostle laid it bare that when the gospel is preached with human wisdom, it will be robbed of its power.
It is human wisdom to say that Christians can suffer for the sins of their father. It is human wisdom to believe you still need to do something else to be totally free from demonic attack. They even believe there are some curses that are stubborn. They believe you must break evil covenants – spirit husband or spirit wife, by going for a special prayer meeting (we will be dealing with the issue of spirit husband and wife later). It does not make sense when Christians hear that just a ‘mere’ preaching of the gospel of Christ is enough to end the activities of the devil.

Today, we preach another gospel that sounds like the real gospel but it is not because it has lost its power. This is the reason why people’s lives are not transformed after hearing such gospel. We preach more of motivational messages today on pulpit. We preach skin-deep messages that cannot produce the life of Christ.

To be continued..


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